Frequently Asked Questions

Are Frescados tortillas gluten-free and/or do they contain any allergens?

Frescados corn tortillas are naturally gluten-free, but are manufactured in facilities that also process wheat tortillas. Flour tortillas naturally contain wheat, a known allergen. None of our products contain milk ingredients.

– No soy, no animal by-products, corn produced in separate facility

What kind of tortillas work best for frying?

Frescados Corn and Flour tortillas are both great for frying. Choosing one over the other simply depends on the dish you’re making. Fried corn tortillas are best for taquitos, tostadas or fried tacos, for example. Fried flour tortillas are optimal for chimichangas or flautas. Check out our Recipes page for lots of creative ideas.

Where can I purchase Frescados tortillas?

Use our handy store locator tool to find a retailer near you.

What is the best way to handle tortillas?

Frescados tortillas do not stick and will maintain their flexibility in all recipes. Our family tortilla recipe and manufacturing process allows the tortillas to rest at the proper temperature before packaging so you get a finished tortilla with a smooth, silky texture.

See our handling instructions, if refrigerated/frozen—flex the tortillas before removing from package.

What size Frescados tortilla is ideal for my recipe?

6” Corn Tortilla – fish tacos, carnitas tacos, taquitos
6” Taco Flour Tortilla – tacos, flautas, mini quesadillas
7” Fajita Flour Tortilla – fajitas, larger tacos, table tortillas
8” Burrito Flour Tortilla  — small burritos, quesadillas, Pizzadillas, wraps
8” 100% Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas – sandwich wraps, thin-crust pizzas, burritos
10” Chimichanga Flour Tortilla – large burritos, chimichangas, wraps, thin crust pizzas, sandwich pinwheels

Are your tortillas kosher?

Yes, Frescados is a Star-K kosher-certified facility.

Are tortillas made with lard?

None of Frescados products are made with lard. We use vegetable shortenings, including canola oil, in our recipes. Canola oil and all vegetable oils are cholesterol free. Canola oil is also lower in saturated fat.

Why do some tortillas crack and break when I fold them?

We use premium ingredients, including a high-quality shortening blend to make our tortillas soft and pliable every time. Get tips for heating and folding your Frescados tortillas.

Why do you use sea salt instead of table salt in Frescados tortillas?

There is very little, if any, nutritional difference between sea salt and table salt. Sea salt’s real advantage is taste as it works better to enhance the flavor profile of our other premium ingredients. Sea salt is also considered all natural.

What’s the difference between whole wheat and whole grain?

Many different grains are considered whole grain. This means they contain all the essential parts and naturally occurring nutrients of the entire grain seek. All whole wheat is whole grain. However, not all whole grain is whole wheat. Frescados tortillas are whole wheat tortillas that are 100 percent whole grain.

Is a basic flour tortilla made with enriched flour?

Yes, Frescados white flour tortillas are made with premium enriched flour. However, some custom formulations may require different types of flour. Our whole wheat tortilla is made with whole wheat flour, for example.

What is the difference between a pressed and a die-cut tortilla?

Frescados tortillas are pressed tortillas, the most common type of tortilla. A pressed tortilla is made from dough balls that are heat-pressed to a specific size. A die-cut tortilla is made from a sheet of dough then cut using a specifically sized die.